Cebu Temple Opens Its Doors to the Public
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Cebu City  | May 2010 | The busy street of Gorordo in Cebu City became even busier when the Cebu City Philippines Temple opened its doors to the public on May 21.  Elders Keith R. Edwards, Won Yong Ko and Michael John U. Teh, together with their wives, each escorted a group media people prior to the public open house.  Apart from the media, the members of the Area Presidency also toured significant personalities in business, education and politics. 
Each tour started with a video presentation on the importance of temples and its history. The group is then escorted to the grounds where they are shown the patron housing and the stake center within the temple complex. Volunteer young men and women, who put booties before guests enter the temple, welcomed visitors.
During the first few days of the open house, people from different walks of life took the time to see what was behind the walls of the new architectural landmark in Cebu City. Feelings of awe and amazement have been common among all guests who participated in the tour. Feelings of skepticism were dispelled.
Bridges were built as people gained a greater understanding on why temples are important to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Some comments received from visitors are:
“I am very grateful to have the opportunity to come close to the temple. I used to be curious every time I saw the Manila Temple. So when I heard of the Cebu Temple open house, I took the opportunity to see it. After going through the tour, the gap has been bridged and I now understand the significance of temples to the members of your Church. I was very impressed with the feeling of sacredness inside the temple and the dedication and care put into building this temple.”
                    Sister Elnora, Religious of the Assumption
“The temple is a special and holy place. Our favorite part of the temple was the Celestial Room. It felt very comfortable and peaceful.”
                     Venerable Miao Chen, Fu Guang Chu Un Temple (Buddhist Master)

"The temple is very holy. I appreciate the fine craftsmanship and beautiful decors."

Celso Pepito Duaza (Artist)                           


An average of 3,200 visitors are toured in the temple daily. The temple is open to the public until June 5.

More open house photos.