Dedication Guidelines
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The dedication of the Philippines Cebu Temple will be on 13 June 2010. Ordinance work in the temple will begin the following day. 
Three (3) dedicatory sessions will be held allowing the maximum number of saints to participate: 9:00 a.m., 12:00 noon and 3:00 p.m. The sessions will be broadcasted to all stake centers in the Philippines. Each session is of equal importance and the dedicatory prayer is offered in every session.
The dedicatory services originate in the celestial room and are broadcasted over closed-circuit television to other parts of the temple and to overflow locations. Members will be seated at these various locations based on the color of their dedication recommends.
Dedication recommends are required for members to attend the temple dedication. Members receive these recommends from their bishops, who verify the members’ worthiness based on the same standard as obtaining a temple recommend. Any worthy, baptized member who is eight years of age or older may receive a recommend. Worthy adult members do not need to be endowed to be issued recommends. Recent converts may also be issued recommends.
The recommends are not transferable to other members or valid for other sessions. If a member cannot attend the designated session, he or she returns the recommend to the bishop. The member may then be issued a recommend for the next available session.
Those attending the dedication should wear the same clothing during their Sunday meetings. Clothing should reflect a member’s reverence and love for the Lord.
During the dedicatory session each member should bring a clean white handkerchief to participate in the Hosanna Shout. Immediately following the Hosanna Shout, the choir sings the “Hosanna Anthem.” The congregation joins in singing “The Spirit of God” as the chorister directs.