Cebu Temple Dedication Guidelines
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Philippines Area | 25 March 2010 | As members anticipate the forthcoming dedication of the Cebu City Philippines Temple, the Area Presidency has provided guidelines on how to secure recommends for the special event.

There will be three (3) dedicatory sessions on 13 June 2010 that will be broadcasted to all stakes and districts throughout the country using the Church satellite system.
A limited number of tickets will be issued to stakes and districts for members who would like to attend the dedicatory sessions inside the Temple or in the overflow stake center at the temple complex.   All members wishing to participate in this sacred event will be required to have a dedication recommend which will be issued by their bishop or branch president.   The requirements for a dedication recommend are the same as a Temple Recommend except that baptized individuals eight (8) years and above and new converts can be issued a dedication recommend, provided they are worthy.
For more information on the requirements for securing a dedication recommend click here.