Humanitarian Aid Given to the Farmers in Mindanao
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Mindanao Area | March 2010 | The Church Humanitarian Services, through Elder Benson Misalucha and missionary couple, Elder and Sister Fonbuena, assisted the farmers in the area of Mindanao after they were devastated by a typhoon through the provision of eight hundred (800) sacks of rice seeds last September 2009.
In partnership with UNYPAD (UNited Youth for Peace And Development) and PNRC (Philippine National Red Cross), the Church Humanitarian Services identified the municipalities of Libungan, Midsayap, Northern Kabuntalan, and Pigcawayan which urgently needed assistance. Each municipality received two hundred (200) sacks of rice seeds.
“We don’t choose to whom we were giving, if he/she be a Muslim, Christian, Protestant, or faithless it doesn’t matter… We don’t ask anything in return either, we don’t ask you to join our faith or listen to our missionaries. We only ask you to be grateful of what you receive and use it wisely for the benefit of your community.” , according to Elder Misalucha in his speech at the Libungan municipal hall.  
Mr. Leopoldo Devilles II, OIC of PNRC Cotabato Chapter, shared his gratefulness for the assistance of the church in a message he gave at the Northern Kabuntalan community hall, “It is very unique that they (the Church) gave such help. For it is a kind of aid that is long-term; in contrast to us, we only give food, clothing, medicine and other basic commodities, which is virtually short-term. It is really a wise thing that they (the Church) don’t give a man a fish just to eat for a day, but to teach him how to fish in order to eat for a lifetime.”
The church’s continued assistance to various areas of the Philippines and the world is the response to the invitation of the Lord in D&C 38:34-35, I give unto the church in these parts a commandment, that certain men among them shall be appointed… and they shall look to the poor and the needy, and administer to their relief that they shall not suffer; and send them forth to the place which I have appointed them.