Becoming Valiant
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Naga City | February 2010 | Making a difference in the world is not always easy for our young men today. Aside from the tremendous challenges they face, there are also are great opportunities for spiritual and temporal growth. The Duty to God program of the church is helping the young men become like the valiant army of Helaman.
Becoming Valiant: Fulfilling a Duty to God
By Agnes A. Torino
On July 3, 2009, Fabian Nantong Sinamban, Jr. of General Santos Phils. Stake received his Duty to God Award. He is the first recipient of the award in their stake. Together with his parents Elder Fabian and Sister Gay Sinamban, Sr. JR, as his family and friends fondly call him, received the award with joy, humility and a sense of achievement.
While completing the project, he shared how choosing which things to prioritize his biggest challenge. “Amidst many distractions, I struggled to gain the desire to fulfill my Duty To God requirements and to know its significance in my life as a priesthood holder and a future full-time missionary”, shared JR. On what sustained him, he said, “I’m grateful to my parents and young men leaders because they were always there to support and encourage me. Our weekly young men activities were also a big help because we were able to motivate each other to perform our responsibilities.
One of the leaders’ in the ward expressed how he appreciates JR’s faith and diligence in performing his responsibilities, describing him as an active ward assistant clerk. He is constantly keeps himself busy by attending the institute and missionary preparation classes. JR is indeed one of the valiant young men of today.