Cebu Philippines Temple
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Cebu City | February 2010 | Activities in the busy street of Cebu temporarily halted as people witnessed the installation of the statue of angel Moroni on the Cebu Philippines Temple on November 5. People on the street applauded as the statue was placed atop the spire of the temple.
Prior to the installation people passing through the area were anticipating a different religious symbol to be placed on the structure.
Present on the site to witness the event were the Philippines Area Presidency with their wives – Elder Keith R. and Sister Judith Edwards, Elder Won Yong and Sister Eun Hee Ko and Elder Michael John U. and Sister Grace Teh, as well as Philippines Cebu Mission President D. Parke Hansen and his wife, Barbara.
Members of the media showed heightened interest in the event. The installation merited front-page coverage in one of the major dailies in Cebu.
The Angel Moroni statue atop the Cebu Philippines Temple is approximately 3.25 meters tall and constructed of fiberglass material covered with gold leaf. He holds a trumpet to his lips, symbolically heralding the return of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth, as prophesied in the Bible: And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth. . . (Revelation 14:6).
Photos, the aerial video tour and the article that appeared in the Cebu newspaper are available at