Lunchtime Seminary
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Lunch-time Seminary
After a quick lunch, the youth of Apokon Branch in Davao province get ready for their seminary class held at the back of a sari-sari store fronting Tagum City National High School where they study. Makeshift classrooms with a tarpaulin roof provide shelter to the diligent students of the branch. Since they started holding the classes during lunch break, it has minimized the transportation expenses of the youth and allowed them to be home after school to help with the household chores. Scriptures and manuals are brought every Tuesday and returned on Friday for parents to check on their children’s progress in the program.
This initiative has not only benefited the young members of the church but has extended to their non-member friends who enrolled and are actively participating in the program as well.
Throughout the country leaders are getting more and more creative on how to best bring the seminary program to the youth. Through satellite classes such as this, the youth are given the opportunity to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ without having to travel long distances and spend a significant amount of money.