Philippines Hold 2009 Multi-Stake Youth Conference
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Philippines Area April - May 2009 Summer just got better as youth from all over the Philippines came together for the 2009 Multi-Stake Youth Conference (MYC). 164 stakes and districts participated and formed 115 groups to hold their respective 3-day multi-stake conferences within the months of April and May. This year, the Philippine Area Presidency and the Area Youth Conference Committee headed by President Pedro U. Adduru chose 1 Timothy 4:12 as the theme of the conference: Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. 
The objective of the MYC is to help the youth come unto Christ and become self-reliant both spiritually and temporally in their homes and families. While each conference was different, they all had common features. The Pathway to Success Workshop is a series of homemaking/practical skills workshops designed to equip young men with abilities useful for their missions and to prepare young women for motherhood. Young men and young women learned the value of secular education as they studied sewing, food handling, repairing and more. Gospel knowledge was increased in group scripture study and scripture mastery activities and gospel quizzes. Invited speakers encouraged the youth to accomplish their Duty to God/Personal Progress, and to be active in Seminary and Institute. Dance socials and A Spectacular Night presentation provided a venue for them to showcase and develop their talents, make new friends and edify each other’s testimonies.This year, parents, especially the mothers, have been more closely involved with their youth at the conferences, by preparing the food. Many priesthood leaders including the area presidency, area seventies, mission presidents and Seminary and Institute leaders participated in the devotional to share the testimonies and counsel the youth.
With fond memories and a renewed spiritual strength, the participants indeed had a summer to remember.