Marikina City Mayor Establishes Family History Center
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Marikina City 08 & 16 April 2009 Families are in attack, according to Marikina City Mayor Ma. Lourdes C. Fernando during a contract signing with the Philippines Area Presidency last 08 April 2009. As part of the City’s objective to establish strong family ties, a memorandum of agreement was signed to ensure joint projects and activities between the Church and the City. This includes the operation and maintenance of a Family Search Center in Marikina, which was launched last April 16.
The said center allows the public to access and view genealogical records as they start searching for their roots. Just like family search centers in the different stakes, the Marikina City center contains computers and microfilm readers as well as family group records and pedigree charts.
“I feel that it would create a big impact in the local community that genealogical research has been introduced to unit families as they go along the research process,” said Manolito Baul, Family Search Manager for the Philippines area.
The Family Search Center in Marikina City is the very first in Asia. The center is located at the 2nd Floor of the PNB Building, W. Paz corner Shoe Avenue, Bgy. Sta. Elena, Marikina City. It is open to the public and will be operated by genealogical research expert volunteer workers from the Family Search Department of the Church and volunteers enlisted by the Marikina Stake Center. 
“This is really a welcome thing for the Church, as part of the ‘redeeming the dead mission,’” said Mary Anne Ojeda, Area Legal Counsel.
The Church is planning to involve the Marikina Center in indexing and extraction activities by the end of the quarter. In addition to operating the center, the Church will also conduct together with the City government, activities that promote family values. This includes a free genealogical research seminar for those who are interested in starting their family tree, free microfilming of important documents with genealogical value, exhibits and displays, and other family activities and gatherings that will strengthen family relationships in the City.