First Filipino Missionaries
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The seed of the gospel quickly grew in the hearts of the Filipino people. Five years after the land was rededicated by Elder Gordon B. Hinckley for missionary work, the first Filipino Sister was called to serve a full-time mission. Her name was Rufelia Salangad.
Catalino Brocka, the first Filipino baptism after missionary work formally began in 1961, also served a mission in Hawaii.
One of the pioneers of Dagupan, Valeriano Escosio, was called to serve in the Southern Far East Mission. A few of the Filipinos who served as full-time missionaries in those early days include:

- Sister Beaulah L. Velasquez, from Dagupan, who served in the      Philippines Zone from 1969 to 1971

- Sisters Maria Zona Santos and Lerma Allegre, from Caloocan, entered the mission home as full-time missionaries on May 30, 1970

- Elder Patrick Claire, left the Philippines on June 19,1970, to be the first Filipino to fulfill a foreign mission call to Australia East Mission

From a handful of missionaries heeding the call to serve in those early days, there are now 1,638 (as of 31 March 2009) Filipino missionaries currently serving in the field—preaching the gospel to all who are ready to listen, and baptizing them in the name of the Son for the remission of their sins.