Creative Expressions of the Jubilee
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Quezon City  January 2009  “And the Lord called His people ZION, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.” (Moses 7:18).


In celebration of the 50th year of the rededication of the Church in the Philippines in 2011, the Area Presidency launched a theme song and logo design competition in April 2008. Members of the church were encouraged to express their artistic talents in composing a song and developing a logo for the momentous celebration. For both competitions the theme was centered on Moses 7:18.


Bro. Danel October Beriong’s theme song entry entitled “United” and Bro. Dino Antenorcruz’ logo design were chosen as the winning entries. The winning song and selected logo will be used in all jubilee-related activities and in all publications and events respectively.


The Theme Song


“United” was written by Danel during the summer of 2008. He chose said title as a reminder of the Church’s ultimate goal—to establish Zion.


“We’ve been through a lot of challenges in the past and we will continue to face challenges until He comes again, and the only way to overcome them will always be the same—to become united in the Gospel. I hope the song helps us remember that,” he said.


Bro. Beriong, 22, now resides in Quezon City 1st ward, Quezon City Philippines Stake, became a member of the Church in 1994 and has served in the Phils. Baguio Mission from November 2005 to December 2007. He is a 3rd year Electronics and Communications Engineering student in the University of the Philippines and is currently serving as a ward mission leader, ward clerk and institute teacher.


His father, Bro. Dante Beriong of San Jose Philippines District in Antique, was the one who wrote the Philippine Centennial theme song entitled “Mabuhay Ka, Pilipino!” in 1998. Coming from a family of composers and singers, he has been exposed to music and has learned to appreciate classical and church songs at an early age. When he was a child, his mother would play songs from the children’s song book and Disney movie soundtracks.


“We had the whole collection of children’s songs. That’s when we started to learn how to sing, that’s how we memorized the Articles of Faith. I used to not be able to recite it, pero kaya kong kantahin,” he said.


Especially for Youth (EFY) songs inspired Danel to write songs. He started to discover his talent during a theme song writing contest for the Regional Young-Single Adults Conference a few years ago. He had a friend who wrote some lyrics but could not put music to it so he decided to help. Although they were not able to submit it on time, the song turned out really nice. He also joined and won in a theme song competition in their dormitory in UP when he was still a college freshman. One of his friends wrote the lyrics and he composed and arranged the music.


The first time he wrote a whole song by himself (music and lyrics) was in the mission field when he wanted to write a song about the youth. His mission president, Pres. D. Ray Thomas, agreed as long as it was done only during preparation days. It turned out alright and since then, he continued writing Gospel-related songs.


After his mission, Bro. Beriong was inspired to write a song for the jubilee celebration. The song “United” expresses his joy and excitement as the Gospel continues to unite many people from different walks of life.


“The Philippines has more than 100 languages and 400 dialects. But somehow, through the Gospel, members of the Church have learned to understand one another despite the diversity. Lumiliit ang mundo ng bawat Pilipino na nagiging miyembro ng simbahan. The Gospel is a unifying force,” he said.


The Logo Design

“I just wanted a simple design that embodies the theme and at the same time giving it a Filipino feel.”


As a senior art director by profession, Bro. Antenorcruz designed the logo for the jubilee celebration amidst his many other projects at work.


Bro. Antenorcruz, 37, of Bonifacio 3rd Ward, Makati Philippines Stake, became a member of the Church in 1979 and served in the Philippines Baguio Mission from 1990 to 1992. He is a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Communications) graduate in the University of the Philippines and is now serving in the Stake High Council. He and his wife, Sister Lally Hernando-Antenorcruz, were married in Manila Philippines Temple in 2007.


Ten years of professional experience in design and advertising makes him an accomplished art director. Working for a top advertising firm, McCann Worldgroup, he was responsible for creating impactful advertising materials for Coca-cola, Jollibee and many other popular local and international brands. He has also won several awards in advertising for television and print including an Araw Advertising Award and Catholic Mass Media Award. He has also done several logo requirements for companies like Bank of Philippine Islands, Globe and Johnson & Johnson.


“It has always been my desire to be able to contribute my talent in building the Lord’s kingdom, especially here in the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to do logos and designs for the Church and this was an opportunity for me to do so,” he said.


Bro. Antenorcruz expresses his excitement as the Church celebrates its 50th year in the Philippines. He believes that we now live in the time of reaping what our ancestors have sown. The Church has definitely grown in leaps and bounds here in the Philippines. I’m so grateful to be part of this celebration and part of this great work. Being a returned missionary, it feels that I have somehow contributed to the harvest here in the Philippines. We’ve come a long way but there is still so much work to do, he said.


Indeed, these inspired works of Bro. Beriong and Bro. Antenorcruz represent the great excitement and delight that Latter-day Saints from different areas of the Philippines feel as we all unite in great celebration for the establishment of the Lord’s work in the country.


“The Church has gone a long way. We already have a temple and another under construction. Although there are places where the Church is still relatively young, a lot of good people are joining the Church and they will help. The Lord is at the helm and His works will roll forth and nothing can stop it,” Bro. Beriong expressed.


“Truly, the Church will continue to grow because of the growing testimonies of its members. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing.” Bro. Antenorcruz added.